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Martinez Immigration Law treated us with kindness and respect as they helped us successfully navigate our immigration needs. I am so appreciative of their expertise and cross-cultural acumen in assisting our cross-cultural family.
— Laura

Watch as our clients explain how their marriage petition was ultimately approved, despite having ICE officers interrupt their USCIS interview. Congratulations to the Durbins on winning permanent residency for Catalina!


Nuestra clienta Gloria explica como la abogada Andrea Martinez le ayudó a ganar la residencia permanente. ¡Felicidades, Gloria!

Andrea's husband Jorge at his naturalization ceremony (Andrea's first "client"!)

Andrea's husband Jorge at his naturalization ceremony (Andrea's first "client"!)

This law firm is excellent in all aspects. The customer service is very good, professionalism is well beyond standard, and most importantly, they make you feel welcome. I highly recommend them to anyone. - Musa G.

The staff at Martinez Immigration Law is professional, friendly, and always available to answer my questions and concerns. Attorney Megan helped me throughout the process, and in Spanish! She defended me with great skill, professionalism, and above all, with kindness. I recommend Martinez Immigration Law as the best attorneys in Kansas City. - Judith H

Andrea is one of the best informed professionals I have ever worked with. My green card application process was painless and easy with the advice and guidance she offered. There is no way I would suggest trying to navigate the process without her help. - Ricky

My husband had his I -130 petition and the I-601A waiver approved; however, his immigrant visa was denied at the consular interview because his past illegal entries. He was banned with the 10 year permanent bar and not allowed to apply for a waiver. I was pregnant and having complications due to my pregnancy when this happened. We were devastated. After consulting three other immigration lawyers we had lost almost all hope to bring my husband back to USA. Each one of them told me that the only thing we could do is to send a sorry letter to the officer that denied my husband visa and wait for his mercy. Mrs. Andrea C. Martinez was highly recommended by a friend of ours. We hired Mrs. Andrea Martinez for this very difficult immigration case. She worked in our case using Legalnet. After a month, we received a call from from the American consul that indicated us to send back my husband’s passport. We were so thrilled with the news. My husband received his passport and approved visa back at his hometown in less than two weeks. He was able to cross the border without issues and come to see our newborn son. We are so pleased with Mrs. Martinez services. We know that without her help, knowledge and expertise in this matter we would not be able to bring my husband back home. I highly recommend this attorney. - Luisa

It was an unforgettable experience because the attorney, Andrea Martinez, is an excellent attorney. She helped me so much with my immigration status and she was able to bring my two children from Guatemala. For all those people looking for an attorney, turn to the attorney Andrea Martinez. She is an excellent attorney, I can tell you from experience. I have my whole family together now- Praise the Lord.- — Eloida

The attorney Andrea Martinez helped us process a waiver. She was always aware of our case and guided us in the entire process. We did not have a problem and it was possible to return to the U.S.A. again after being in Mexico for two weeks. - J. Sanchez

So courteous and kind. Very efficient – my process proceeded quickly and I was a US citizen before I knew it. She was very reassuring and covered all so that the process was stress-free. - Yolanda C

I am very pleased with the legal representation of my attorney Andrea Martinez. I give you my sincere thanks for being so loyal, so honest and concentrated in your work, and the most important: NOT taking advantage of people who honestly need services like this. That is why I give you my sincere thanks for having helped me make possible my most longed for dream with my legal situation. - Gerardo T.

Thank you for the outstanding work you did for me and my family. Words cannot give my appreciation justice. You were superbly efficient and professional. I could not have wished for a better person to have dealt with it and the service I’ve received from you has been excellent, you’ve kept me well informed and up to date with everything. I strongly recommend the attorney Andrea Martinez for anyone that has an immigration problem. - Iqbal

I am so happy with the services of Martinez Immigration Law. The staff are so friendly and I never had any problems with my case thanks to Attorney Andrea. - Arlett T.

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