Living Undocumented

In October 2019, Netflix released a docuseries entitled Living Undocumented, highlighting the stories of foreign-born families attempting to navigate America’s complex immigration system. One of the stories featured in the docuseries is Luis, Kenia, and Noah, represented by Martinez Immigration Law LLC attorneys Megan Galicia and Andrea Martinez.

“We believe Living Undocumented accurately portrays the U.S. immigration crisis. The docuseries’ six episodes help viewers understand America’s outdated immigration laws and shed light on the need for comprehensive immigration reform,” says attorney Galicia.

Luis, Kenia, and Noah’s heartbreaking story about seeking asylum in the U.S. has been described as “shocking” by many viewers. The family’s story, however, is similar to that of millions of refugees in America today. We encourage you to watch Living Undocumented to understand better the crisis that exists for millions today due to America’s outdated and inhumane immigration laws.

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