Zachary P. Bealer
“Work is love made visible.”
– Khalil Gibran

We dedicate our work to the memory of our dear friend Attorney Zachary Bealer, who gifted us with his friendship, joyful presence, laughter, and intense passion for serving immigrants.

We could write volumes about him, but Zach’s own words, written when he started with our firm, are much more powerful:

“I was first exposed to the hardships immigrants face while on an alternative winter break trip to Immokalee, Florida. There, migrant farmworkers work tirelessly picking tomatoes that are later sold to fast-food chains and supermarkets. It was at that moment I made it my goal to do something to prevent the exploitation of those often left without a voice in the United States.

To be an effective advocate I knew I needed to become fluent in their language, so I spent three years living in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala, where I formed deep relationships and gained a more profound understanding of the culture. Having the fortune to spend time alongside people fleeing their country and witnessing first-hand the reasons why further solidified my decision to pursue a career as an immigration attorney. It was with this knowledge and passion that I returned to the United States and began my law school career.

Being an immigration attorney at Martinez Immigration Law allows me to do what I love best – interact with immigrants, listen to their stories, and fight for the rights of those who often face an uphill battle. I feel honored to be able to do so alongside others who share the same passion.”

We too are honored to have worked alongside Zach and are forever grateful for the many gifts he gave us during his short time on earth.